Healthy Recipe Ideas for the Upcoming Fat Season

Well it’s almost Thanksgiving and you know what that means?  Lots of buttery, sugary, yet yummy casseroles and pie.  Then Starbucks will release their peppermint goodness, cookie exchanges will start, throw in some holiday parties and you’ve put on 5-10 pounds easy.  So how can we keep the pounds down?  Solid healthy meals and snacks and […]

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Gym People

I’ve always preferred to exercise at home.  But now that I have a moppet running around, it’s challenging.  I either get up before her (once upon a time this was easy, but now I realize I love sleep) or exercise during her nap, which I’d rather be doing other things like laundry, preparing dinner, reading, […]

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80s Step Aerobics

How Many Calories Do You Really Think You’re Burning?

I borrowed my mom’s body bugg.  It’s rated one of the most accurate activity trackers.  I wanted to check out how poor my sleep was, to see how many calories I was burning in one of my classes that was kicking my butt, and mostly, I wanted to see how inaccurate the calorie counters are […]

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What Diet Plan Are You Following?

  Paleo?  All organic?  Weight Watchers?  Gluten Free?  I could go on and on. I was at a fitness convention this past weekend and went to an enlightening course titled “Making Sense of Current Food Trends.”  As I took my seat I took it upon myself to do some people watching.  The woman next to […]

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New Years Resolutions:

  It’s time to start planning for the year ahead but first, I need to reflect on 2014. My resolutions for 2014 were: Try to bring my baby in to the world with only using an epidural.  I’m going to try to avoid Pitocin and a c-section).  Notice I said “TRY” because it might be out […]

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The Dreaded Post-Pregnancy Belly

Everyone has something about their body they hate and something they love.  I hate my skin (prone to breakouts) and dark circles under my eyes.  I love my arms and my stomach.  So naturally getting pregnant, could totally change what I loved about myself. While I was near the end of my pregnancy, I looked […]

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You Need to Eat to Build Muscle

If there is a hotel gym when I am traveling, I typically try to get in a workout. I not only want to get in a workout, but I also want to check out the gym equipment. And I also want to people watch and silently comment on people’s horrible form. But anyway, I went on a trip with […]

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Extreme Calorie Restriction Diets

There are a ridiculous amount of low calorie diets that tempt people to lose weight.  The idea of the low calorie diet sounds like the quickest way to lose weight.  They say it isn’t always easy, but you’ll get results.  However, there are many reasons why this is not always the smartest choice especially if you […]

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Stay Fit During the Third Trimester and Beyond

Assuming there are no medical conditions necessitating the cessation of exercise, it should be continued throughout the entire pregnancy, including the third trimester.  I entered my third trimester with more energy than ever.  Perhaps it was because I knew I was in the home stretch and the adrenaline was kicking in.  But I knew I […]

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Broken Rules Falls to Chaos Anarchy Pieces

I Broke the “Rules”

I have read all sorts of weird rules for pregnancy and I believe I’ve broken most of them.  I’m here to shine some light on my reality (but please check with your doctor or HCP for advice and considerations specific to you). Don’t get your heart rate over 140 bpm when exercising.  This actually was a recommendation […]

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